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Terms and Conditions of Use


A booking is essential to ensure examiner availability.

Cancellations or Postponements

Cancellations and / or postponements must be done 24 hours prior to examination date. All cancellations and / or postponements done within 24 hours of the agreed examination date will be charged at the full invoice amount. Cancellation fees will apply where the examinee refuse, the examinee is not available or incapacitated and where no test can be conducted due to poor organisational skills.

Test Location Requirements

The examination area MUST be in a room with a door that can close for privacy reasons. It must be free from disturbances and contain a desk and two non-revolving chairs. An electrical outlet is also required.

Examinee Requirements

To enable the polygraph examiner to conduct an accurate polygraph examination it is required for each examinee to fully comprehend and understand the contents of the pre-test interview as to be explained to the examinee. Polygraph examinations are normally conducted in the English language.  Should the examinee not be able to understand the examinee due to a language difficulty the client will be liable to pay for the examination and the polygraph examiner will not be able to provide an opinion regarding the examinee’s honesty.  If required a sworn interpreter used by Ultimate Polygraph Solution can be arranged at cost to the client at R500-00 per day. Such a request, for a sworn interpreter, needs to be made known when the booking is made to ensure the availability of the interpreter.

Payment Terms

Polygraph reports will only be released after the full payment, as per the invoice, reflects in the Ultimate Polygraph Solution’s bank account. Non payments will result in the listing of all Directors and owners and requesting person on the Credit Bureaus. A seven (7) day grace period will be given thereafter measures will be taken.


Polyfgraph examination reports will only be sent in a “PDF” format via e-mail within eight hours after confirmation of full payment into the Ultimate Polygraph Solution’s bank account. No verbal results will be released by any examiner unless otherwise instructed to do so.

Request to change or alter test results will NOT be tolerated.